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Trust what you do, trust in you
Live your passion, make your dreams a reality
& Enjoy everyday as if it was the last one…
Great news for all of our followers…
During Airbnb’s presentation, promoting the innovative ideas of independents, the African
Lisbon Tour received the highest compliments. More than a pride, it is an encouragement to
continue and give the best of us.
I would like to thank all of these people known and unknown that believe in this experience
and are sharing every post or talking about us.
Together we go beyond the differences.
Check the link below and see you soon for having a good time in Lisbon.

Again & again

The United States of America, Canada & England together through Lisbon’s streets. Almost 8
hours of intense moments.
Special presence of Luis Carlos Castillo from Loue musica who dedicated us his album, Viaje
musical Vol
If you also want to spend a moment like this with us please contact us to join our tour.

AfRoots Always

Lisbon’s streets are welcoming a huge ethnic diversification, Africans root is a part of it.
Everyday, new interesting people are joining our adventure to share their wonderful stories
and opinions.
Today,5 warriors from Ghana, Spain, Greece and the United States of America were in. For
never-ending hours of sharing and fun, we finally end our trip late in the night, exhausted but
happy about this experience. That is the spirit of the African Root’s.
Thanks to all of you.
Big moments are also waiting for you, please contact us to book the tour.

Mandela Day

Today, we celebrate one of the greatest characters of the last centuries, an example of fight, a
model of life that everyone should try to follow in order to give a chance to our world to be
more beautiful: Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela (18 th of July 1918 – 5 th of December 2013).
Inspired by one of his quotes “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use
to change the world”, African Lisbon Tour believes into education about history without
taboo. This is the best way to bring this generation and the next ones to the light.
The light of knowledge and respect about the past with the aim of understanding today’s world better.
Slavery, colonization, apartheid, racial segregation… are such subjects that need to be taught.
We hope that decision-makers will stop being satisfied just by making good speeches because
we need actions NOW!
Thank you so much Madiba for your inspiration and for illuminating the world by your
memory and your wisdom.