Heroes of August

During the month of August, African Lisbon Tour welcomed people from the 5 continents in our walking journey through the streets of Lisbon. People with a special interest in doing something different than a normal city tour; people interested in the african history; people in search of another perspective of the african culture in an european city. These different interests are the purpose of the African Lisbon Tour.

During hours we exchanged by travelling through the history of africans from the 15th century until now. We experienced together and touched the africans realities in Lisbon by visiting african neighborhoods and tasting dishes and beverages.

These faces are the heroes of August and we would like to thank them for spending their time with us and helping us through their different suggestions to improve our Tour and make it evrytime better.

We are really grateful for your contribution.

Lebanon, Italy, Uk, USA, Hungary, France, Spain, Macau, Brasil, Ivory Coast, Grmany, Finland, Poland, Ireland, Canada, Portugal, Austria, Latvia, Nigeria, Benin etc… are some of the countries represented in August.

Check the photos

http://slide.ly/embed/d03863424753c9aa8e53cba93968afcd/autoplay/0Afrcan Lisbon Tour by Slidely Slideshow

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