Heroes of August

During this beautiful month of July, the African Lisbon Tour welcomed visitors from all 5
continents. The sharing was very rich.
The aim of our tour is to offer a completely different and unique experience through a
walking tour in the streets of Lisbon. During this tour another perspective of the African
history in a European city, this is the purpose of the African Lisbon Tour.
For a few hours we exchanged with all these citizens of the world thanks to a travel through
the African history from the 15th century until now. By talking together, we touched the
African realities in Lisbon, we visited the African neighborhood and tasted typical dishes and
All our visitors are the faces of the heroes of August and we would like to thank them for
spending their time with us and helping us through their different suggestions to improve our
Tour and make it everytime better.
We are really grateful for your contribution.
Lebanon, Italy, the United Kingdom, the United States of America, Hungary, France, Spain,
Macau, Brazil, Ivory Coast, Germany, Finland, Poland, Ireland, Canada, Portugal, Austria,
Latvia, Nigeria, Benin etc… are some of the countries represented in August.
Check the photos to have an overview of this amazing month.
http://slide.ly/embed/d03863424753c9aa8e53cba93968afcd/autoplay/0Afrcan Lisbon Tour by Slidely Slideshow

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