Mobilization against Racism & Police brutality in Portugal.

Sept 15th 2018
At the call of some 60 organizations, the great mobilization against racism and police brutality in Portugal has kept all its promises.
The population made the trip to the meeting place: Largo de São Domingos, where different panelists took turns exposing their views on the topic  and the real challenges faced by blacks, Gypsies and other immigrants.
The public has been urged not to give up in this struggle for the good of all.
Sign that racism and police violence are serious plagues and a reality to fight, we can note people from different nationalities, backgrounds, ages, color, gender and sexual orientation.
Victims of police violence have not missed the call and committed artists have through their arts, raised their voices.
Everything happened in a friendly and fraternal atmosphere. In other cities like Porto, Braga and Coimbra the mobilization has been so strong.
Let’s not try to hide a reality of the Portuguese society. Racism exists in Portugal as in many countries in the world. Instead of trying to deny it, we better unite to fight against it.
We are fighting a scourge that seems to become a Fad.
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