Chapter 12 #africanlisbontour

This chapter was something special.
Sandra is Portuguese, she took the tour a few days ago. A week later she was back with her son because she wanted him to hear and understand the “other history” of Portugal regarding its slavery and colonial past.
Paula was 2 y.o when she moved to Portugal and most of what was shared was new for her as it is not properly taught.
Sandra and his son are white Portuguese and Paula a black Portuguese. All came for a reason: To know their history because it is important, it is a common heritage.
Ana & Asmus are Germans and wanted to know about the African history of Portugal because they find history important for everyone. Germany for long time hide its slavery and colonial history and some germans believe their country did not take part of the scramble for Africa.
Monica & Sharde are Americans interested in Black history everywhere they travel to. In a lot of countries history is wrongly told. So it is time to make the difference.
Together by a good weather we share wonderful moments in the streets of Lisbon travelling in the time and in a relaxing way.
You can also be part of this journey.
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