2019 Valuing Black Lives

The African Lisbon tour is honoured to be invited to 2019 Valuing Black Lives Global Emotional Emanticipation Summit that will take place in Richmond from Aug 20-22.
Eventhough we could not have been issued the Visa by the US Embassy our participation will be real and be ONE with our brothers and sisters.
1619-2019: In late August 1619, “20 and odd” captive Africans first touched the soil at Point Comfort (now Fort Monroe National Monument), part of England’s new colony in Virginia. These men and women had been stolen from their homes in Africa, forced to board a ship, and sailed for months into the unknown. The first Africans in an English colony, their arrival is considered by many historians to be the beginning of a 400-year story filled with tragedy, endurance, survival, and a legacy of resilience, inequality, and oppression. ( National Geographic)
Some people think the slave trade is something of the past but forget that the way it was/is addressed is one of the reasons of discrimination and racism. The lies spread during centuries about the inferiority of blacks is a trauma for generations of people and it is time to defy these lies.
Organized by The Community of Healing Network, this summit is a HUGE opportunity for participants to exchange about how we can educate our children to and make them feel confident, comfortable and stand against any white supremacy’s statement or behaviour.
From Lisbon, we will be part of the panel.
An opportunity for us to thank the Founder Enola Aird for her commitment and the invitation. You are all invited to take part of this event that will certainly change our lives.
Below the link of the organisation:
Stay tuned & be blessed.

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