Naky African Lisbon Tour

Hi, I am Naky Gaglo. My friends describe me as an open-minded, funny and friendly person who likes to create a pleasant atmosphere around. I am passionate for food, cooking, music, dance, sport, books and travel, and I have had the chance of living in several countries and learn from their cultures and way of life, as well as learning their languages and enjoying their dishes. The wind took me to Lisbon a few years ago and I am totally enjoying the city and its history with africans. I Just decided to share it with you.

Portugal is a country rich in history, part of which is ignored if not forgotten: its slave and colonial history.

In a city like Lisbon where these traces almost do not exist, we propose you a walking moment to revisit this beautiful city from another angle.

During 5 hours or more ( Ooooops ) we share with the folks information on this legacy and open discussions to better understand this aspect all in a relaxed atmosphere.

The African diaspora and its challenges of everyday life, its place and influence in the Portuguese society today are all topics discussed without forgetting the beautiful moment of conviviality in an African restaurant……To be continued.

Can’t wait to meet you 🙂