Who is Naky ?

Naky African Lisbon Tour

Naky is a Freelance and passionate of history who created in 2014 the African Lisbon Tour, a touristic platform with the goal to share about the lost, covered, unknown or silenced history of Portugal and the African Continent.

After his A-level and before starting this project, Naky who was born in Lome ( Togo) a West African former French colony worked in different fields Tourism , Language, media, Theatre, Consular, Finance, Customer Service … in Togo, Germany and Portugal ( currently working as Real Estate Broker).

In 2014, he moved to Lisbon after a few years in Berlin (Germany) and noticed the lack and the inexistent interest in the African History of Portugal. So he decided to create a tour where he can show this forgotten side.

Then started a long and hard way to the sources that still going on. But self-sacrifice will allow him to meet people along his path who are going to contribute to his researches and today the African Lisbon History is a reference in Portugal.

Naky is conscious that there still a lot to do and is continuously digging to reveal the most infos as much as possible.

Beside History, Naky enjoys sports ( football, ping-pong, Basketball, cooking, dancing, travelling, meeting new people and spending time with friends and family.