Celebrating an Hero: Eduardo Mondlane

45 years ago, the Portuguese former colonies were still not independent.  The struggle for the liberation of these countries were led by leaders who were ready to go against all odds and sacrify their lives  for their people. Today we portray for you EDUARDO MONDLANE at the fiftieth anniversary of his assassination. Eduardo Chivambo Mondlane (20 June … More Celebrating an Hero: Eduardo Mondlane

Your tour in “O Publico” Portuguese newspaper

Almost 3 years ago, the Portuguese Newspaper “O Público”  dedicated a page to the “African Lisbon Tour”. Today Jan 14th, the history is repeated again. We invite you to check out the press release  by clicking the link below. https://www.publico.pt/2019/01/14/p3/reportagem/naky-percorre-lisboa-africana-historia-silenciou-1856934 Yes, It is in Portuguese so google translator may help you to understand a bit … More Your tour in “O Publico” Portuguese newspaper

Mobilization against Racism & Police brutality in Portugal.

Sept 15th 2018 At the call of some 60 organizations, the great mobilization against racism and police brutality in Portugal has kept all its promises. The population made the trip to the meeting place: Largo de São Domingos, where different panelists took turns exposing their views on the topic  and the real challenges faced by blacks, … More Mobilization against Racism & Police brutality in Portugal.

4000 LIKES on Facebook

Just reached 4000 likes and would like to thank you all for your support. The best is to come and we hope you will always be on our side to spread the word. Merci, Danke, Gracias, Obrigado, Grazie, Xiexie, Arigato, spasibo, Shukran, Akpe

Heroes of August

During the month of August, African Lisbon Tour welcomed people from the 5 continents in our walking journey through the streets of Lisbon. People with a special interest in doing something different than a normal city tour; people interested in the african history; people in search of another perspective of the african culture in an … More Heroes of August

Again & again

US, Canada & England together through Lisbon’s streets. Almost 8hours of intense moments that we invite you to share with us by joining us. Special presence of Luis Carlos Castillo of Loue musica who dedicates us his Album, Viaje musical Vol 1. Much fun!!!    

AfRoots Always

Lisbon’s street are full of travellers and the Africans root as well. Everyday new interesting people are joining our adventure and sharing their wonderful stories and opinions. This time 5 warriors from Ghana, Spain, Greece and the US were in. During never-ending hours of sharing and fun, we finally end our trip late in the … More AfRoots Always

Mandela Day

Today, we celebrate one of the greatest characters of the last centuries, an example of fight, a model of life that everyone must try to resemble in order to give a chance to our world to be more beautiful: Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela (18 juillet 1918 – 5 décembre 2013) Inspired on one of his quotes ” Education … More Mandela Day

In”Moyi magazine” we have a place

Lisbon & Africa, a long history that we share with you. Your reference tour in Lisbon about Africa with your guide Naky. We have been visited by ”Moyi Magazine” from Belgium confirming in their publication our reputation to awaken the history and enjoy the present. Thanks to Jeanne Mercier & Baptiste de Ville d’Avray and the whole team of ”Moyi … More In”Moyi magazine” we have a place