From Isreal to Lisbon

The African Lisbon Tour stills gathering people from all over the world to share history and
culture and spread truth and understanding with all of you.
Vadim and Marie respectively Engineer and Brain scientist, decided to take our tour and learn
about the African history. Their curiosity has turned into a big satisfaction to have made the
best choice of their trip.
This is a perfect example of the aim of the African Lisbon tour, creating link with any
condition of culture, nationality, ethnic or religion in order to create a huge brotherhood
across our civilization.img_20161012_102118-1


From Croatia to Lisbon, same interest: sharing and learning about the African history.
With Snjeana, we started under the rain and finished under the drops too. The most important
thing is the fact that we’ve done it and liked it. We both came back satisfied for making this
rainy day productive and joyful.
No limit for learning and making the history of Africa real.
We are waiting for you too ! Please, take contact with us if you want to join us

Even under the rain

History needs to be known, history needs to be shared, History needs to be taught because
history is the cement of every society. The more you know about your history, the better you
understand yourself, your culture and your living environment.
The mission of the African Lisbon Tour is very simple: unveiling the secret that European
societies still try to hide at all costs to our generation and to the next generations.
The African Lisbon Tour continues to attract people who want to share their opinions about
history. No matter the weather and the circumstances, the desire to know is stronger than
staying under the duvet, watching a movie or eating some popcorns.
With your raincoat or your umbrella, get out and join the tour as these ladies did.

From left to right:
Michele, Belinda, Chonteau, Shameika, Shenita, Michelle and Angela.

History will survive.

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