African Lisbon Tour

When you arrived in Lisbon and you walk in its streets , you are surprised to be in an European country so much the African presence is very strong.

There arise questions that many people ask:

  • Why are so many Africans in the streets of Lisbon?
  • Who are they ?
  • Where are they from?


A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots” Said Marcus Garvey, so we get back to the history and try to find answers. A tough mission when we consider the lack of information or the deliberate intention of Non-uncovering the history that turns to be ” Taboo” or ” Not important” or ” Not interesting“.

The glorious moments of the Portuguese history such as The birth of the Portuguese empire,  “The discoveries”, the revolution ( Fall of dictatorship ” etc. are very present in the city of Lisbon.

On the other hand, slavery and colonialism are ignored.

Through the space and the time, our tour, although not chronological, brings us on the footprints of the African enslaved and their daily life in the Portuguese society in general and lisboetas in particular.

Our adventure will take us also to the century of the colonizations and the independence movements in Africa.

We gonna try to check the importance of the African diaspora , their implication in the social, cultural and gastronomic life.

Almost 4 hours tour that ends up with a good relaxation time in an African restaurant to make one’s mouth water.  We honestly know when we start but not when we end 🙂

Welcome to the African Lisbon Tour

May the adventure starts.