What we do

Welcome to the African Lisbon Tour a platform that gathers all the travellers who believe that the real African History of slavery and colonialism need to be told and taught.

This platform is giving to all of us to reflect about the lies that were and still told regarding the story of the transatlantic trade of enslaved.

When these topics are being discussed with many people in Europe, you can hear a bunch of theories that really depicts the result of the lies spread in the European societies for centuries. We need to prove by breaking such theories like:

  • Slavery and colonialism were positive for the African continent.
  • Without colonialism Africa will not be developed
  • Slavery was possible because of Africans participation
  • Portugal is not responsible of the transatlantic trade
  • Portuguese traded less than others
  • Portugueses were better than others in the colonies
  • Racism does not exist in Portugal

We have a reason to open the debate and break the taboo about these silent subjects ( because it hurts). The reason is not to see our children being taught lies as parents were. We have the duty to teach them the reality because they need to know it. This will prepare them better for the future.

“A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots” dixit Marcus Garvey. We cannot stand idly by on the sidelines while our children are brainwashed with the history of the winner.

African Lisbon Tour invites everyone that believe that History , real history is NECESSARY to be known to join the platform and share with us.

We offer tours days of the week (excepted Sundays)

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Your journey won’t be the same anymore after spending your time with us.